About Margaret Jones

Hello, my dear friends,

How do you feel this fall? I hope, cold spell and night gloom don’t make you sad. Now you are to wear warm clothes. Outdoors, it lets you move freely and enjoy pleasant fall weather. Brilliant cascade of colors is amazing these days. Staying at home, indoors you are to feel comfortable too. Warm fluffy pajamas comfort you. They let you sleep soundly all night long.

Who Am I?

My name is Margaret Jones. I come from Taylorsville, Utah. It’s a small, quiet city. It’s not very green, sitting on sand, clay and unconsolidated rock. But it’s charming, providing scenic mountain views and steep, narrow trails.

My native city stands out by a mild, dry climate. Long summer dives us plenty of sunshine. Shoulder season is pleasant and dry. But nights are pretty cold, even freezing. First snowflakes appear in the mountains in October.

Living in a private house, I appreciate comfort and coziness. People are friendly and hospitable in our community. Staying alone with your family members at night, you feel easy and heartily. But I am a cold sleeper. Warm pajamas keep me warm. They comfort me at night, letting me walk around the house. Cuddly pajamas keep early morning chill off.

Why Do I Start This Blog?

Being fond of my soft, cozy pajamas, I am being badly in need of them during long fall and winter nights. Therefore, I’d like to recommend my favorite nightwear to you. I worry about you. How do you feel at night? Many people, especially ladies and children are cold sleepers.

What if you live in a state with a cold climate like Alaska or Minnesota? Whatever you do during the day, work hard, go to church or do chores, you are to sleep well at night. Warm, comfortable pajamas promote relaxation and sound sleep.

You just need to choose them properly, considering:

  • their fabrics;
  • feel and composition;
  • expert opinions;
  • customer reviews.

Friendly advice may also help. Having got my favorite sleepwear, I’d like to share my perfect experience with you. So, get your top-quality, soft, and comfortable pajamas and feel soft, cozy at night. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions, if you have any doubts.

Sincerely yours,