How Often Should You Change Your Pajamas?

how often should you change your pajamas
At home, your laundry routine is simple. If you have a lot of kids, a schedule is essential. You get loads of laundry every day. Sort clothing, socks and underwear by colors and by days. How often should you change your pajamas? Every 3 or 4 days is a common practice. In summer, during hot August nights and a trip, it may differ a bit. You bet, if you have health problems, do it daily. Different fabrics have special washing requirements. How to deal with your laundry? Let me give you a word to the wise right now.

How Many Times Can You Wear Pajamas before Washing Them?

Does your kid’s cotton pajama fit small after washing? Shrinkage might be beside the point. Your tiny tot is just growing older. So, you’ll need to select a buy new, soft and breathable PJs for your little one. Shrinkage issues are not common and minimal. I guess it depends on the fabric quality, so, it’s unlikely.

Will you put a clean pajama on your kid every night? Your washing machine might not withstand the load. Doing it every 2-3 nights would be enough. If you stay at home, your stylish sleepwear won’t stain too much. Are you fixing to have a trip? Don’t forget to pack your travel nightwear.

Do you wear underwear with pajamas? You may do it while sleeping or relaxing:

  • in a car;
  • train;
  • camping site;
  • hotel.

Durable, compact and stain-resistant pajamas are necessary in this case. They are to be lightweight and shrink-resistant. Will you change them every night? I guess one is enough for a short trip or a long weekend, like on Labor Day. Synthetic materials like polyester are easy to wash and fast-drying.

should you wear pyjamas to bed

Summer Laundry Needs

In August, you may have hot, sticky days. Do you live in a southern state? If so, you might experience stuffy, oppressive nights. In Utah, the weather is commonly hot and sunny till the end of summer. In the valley, high temperatures reach 90 degrees. It means, you sweat, having to wash your clothes more frequently.

Fortunately, in Utah, our climate is commonly mild and pleasant. The nights are nor oppressive, neither hot. The temperatures might be up to 20 degrees cooler than in the daytime. How many nights should you wear the same pajamas? I guess, an acceptable number makes 2-4 nights, depending on:

  • how sweaty you get;
  • your health condition;
  • sleeping environment;
  • pajama fabric;
  • availability of marks, stains and spots.

Do you think your best fabric for pajamas is cotton? Your lightweight, breathable pajama gives you an airy feel. It soaks up sweat, keeping you cool and dry. But cotton requires frequent washes and ironing. It may shrink in hot water when you wash your pajama for the first time.

Why Should We Wear Pajamas?

Fortunately, there are no travel restrictions in Utah now. But your kids under 12 may still feel safer wearing masks indoors. Are you visiting a ward? A small, religious gathering at home would be an exemption. Your outdoor adventures don’t require wearing masks at all.

When it gets cooler in fall, fleece options are opportune. If you go hiking in Utah, they are necessary right now. The temperatures are much cooler in higher elevations, especially at night. So, your soft, plush pajamas withstand some days of heavy wear.

Why wear pajamas to bed? You bet, sleepwear is even more essential on a camping site. Wear it, because it’s:

  • convenient;
  • healthy;
  • hygienic;
  • practical;
  • conventional or respectable.

Taking a hike, enjoy spectacular views of slot canyons. Do you feel exhausted at night? Don’t forget to change your clothing to sleepwear. Loose-fitting pajamas improve your sleep quality. They let your body breathe, protecting it from cold and various impacts.

when is it time to change your pjs

Is It OK to Wear Pajamas All Day?

Healthy sleep is essential for every human being. We spend more than one-third of our lives sleeping. Recommendations for children are much stricter. They need much more hours of rest than adult people. Thus, wearing pajamas all night through, will your kids change them by the daytime?

On a holiday, like Christmas, laziness is acceptable. But you are to wash your cozy pajamas more frequently. Quite naturally, some limitations exist. A poll, conducted by Daily Mail, revealed terrible hygiene issues. It found an average woman changes her pajama every 17 nights. Men commonly do it every 13 nights or so.

Are you a remote employee? You bet you can live and work in your comfy pajama. It lets you feel easy, promoting relaxation. Anyway, your versatile, loose-fit pajama is to be neat and clean. The difference between loungewear and sleepwear might be not too wide. Both garments are comfortable and non-restrictive. But if you wear your pajamas for many hours together, change and wash them every day.

Where Do You Put Pajamas During the Day?

Wearing your comfy sleepwear in public would be indecent. Unless it’s a Pajama Day, or you evacuated from your home urgently, it’s ignernt. Quite naturally, you can visit your local grocery store in casual attire. Are your loose-fitting pants luxurious and stylish? They could resemble pajama trousers, consisting of thicker fabrics.

Commonly, you should wear your soft sleepwear at night. Taking it off in the morning, where will you store it? You can put it:

  • to the hamper;
  • under your pillow;
  • directly on your bed;
  • on the top of the nightstand.

Fold it neatly and store it properly. Are you going to wear your cute pajama again? It is to remain clean and dust-free. Tossing sleepwear on the floor is untidy. It makes your room look messy, soiling the garment. Better throw it into a laundry basket. Anyway, you won’t wear dirty pajamas again. But it would be much handier and more respectful.

is it ok to wear pajamas all day

When Should You Change Your PJs?

The ACI recommends doing it every 3-4 wears. It works if you take a shower every night before bed. Summer heat could become exhausting. Anyway, try to avoid heavy sweating. If possible, maintain an optimal temperature in your bedroom. It commonly makes 65-70 degrees.

Don’t you see any visible stains or dirt marks? At all events, wash your comfy pajamas once a week or more frequently. Does it consist of natural silk? Luxurious, sexy nightwear comes with a smooth, shiny surface. It’s hypoallergenic, wrinkle-resistant but requiring delicate care.

Daily washing could be still necessary. Do it at once, if your favorite pajama is:

  • dirty;
  • stained;
  • smelling bad;
  • dusty or not fresh.

Are you sick at the moment? If so, change your pajamas as soon as possible. Profuse sweating deteriorates its look and feel. Besides, any fabric accumulates bacteria and dust mites. And most importantly, they could cause skin infections, irritation, and allergies. So, wash your pajamas frequently to prevent any health issues.

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Bottom Line

Your comfy pajamas are cute and hygienic. Wear them at home to promote healthy sleep. During a trip, use durable, stain-resistant options. Under all circumstances, loose-fitting nightwear is beneficial. It doesn’t irritate your skin, protecting it from cold and against infections. Meanwhile, your favorite pajamas are to be always clean and fresh. Wash them regularly, enjoying their soft, cozy feel.

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